North American S100 LSis Variable Frequency Drive

North American Variable Frequency S100-Drive

Standard Features:
* CT and VT Ratings
* 1‐125HP; Variable Torque
* 1‐100HP; Constant Torque
* IP20 and NEMA 1 Enclosures available
UL Plenum Rated (IP20 Enclosure)
* Three‐phase or single phase input
* Sensorless Vector & V/Hz Available
* Main Capacitor & Fan Lifecycle Estimation
* Peer to Peer Communications
* Heat sink out of the back mounting options
(100HP and below)
* UL Listed
* Two Year Factory Warranty

All Lsis drives are warranted for 24 months
from the date of manufacture and no less
than 18 months from the date of invoice or
12 months from the date of installation,
which ever occurs first.